FDA Information on Renu Lens Solution

The Food and Drug Administration released a statement on May 15, 2006 in support of Bausch & Lomb's decision to officially recall the now-infamous ReNu Contact Lens Solution with MoistureLoc a month after it halted all shipments to stores throughout America. Officials from the FDA joined with a team from Bausch & Lomb to share findings about the recent allegations of fungal keratitis infections in people who use ReNu Contact Lens Solution with MoistureLoc.

FDA information on ReNu Lens Solution is rather limited right now until the agency finishes its own tests about the potential link between fungal keratitis and ReNu Contact Lens Solution with MoistureLoc. One of the interesting points used by the FDA in their studies is that is fungal keratitis is not a common side effect in contact lens use unless the wearer sleeps in them, except for the cases linked to the ReNu product in question.

The Centers of Disease Control and the FDA are currently investigating the Bausch & Lomb plant in Greenville, South Carolina, in order to determine the nature and cause of the tainted contact lens solution. All told, there have been 30 cases of fungal keratitis infections, 28 of which wore contact lenses and used ReNu Lens Solution. Interestingly enough, no other Bausch & Lomb ReNu solution is alleged to have caused any serious eye problems.

Until there is more FDA information on ReNu Lens Solution, people who used the solution should speak to their doctor immediately. Early diagnosis and treatment of potential side effects can prevent serious ramifications later. After you have secured your health, you need to consult a lawyer immediately. You may be entitled to take legal action to recover money for the physical and emotional turmoil that you have been put through. Don't stand for having your health compromised so unjustly contact a ReNu MoistureLoc Lens Solution attorney today.

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FDA Recall Information for ReNu Contact Lens Solution updated on 3/8/2007.