CDC Information on Fusarium Keratitis

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta is in charge of protecting the public health and safety of the people of the United States. The two primary goals of the CDC are to prevent disease, injury, and disability and to prepare communities from infection, occupational, environmental, and terrorist treats. To this end, the CDC constantly monitors the potentially dangerous products that constitute a threat to consumer safety.

CDC releases letter on ReNu Contact Lens Solution

One of the most recent cases of CDC intervention includes the allegations of dangerous bacterial infections linked to ReNu MoistureLoc Contact Lens Solution. The CDC released a letter on May 10, 2006 that detailed the dangers of ReNu Contact Lens Solution. According to CDC information on Fusarium keratitis, this dangerous inflammation of the cornea can be caused by a number of factors including the fungal infection that has recently gained attention. The CDC is investigating a link between a high number of cases of Fusarium keratitis infection and the Bausch & Lomb ReNu contact lens solution.

New CDC information on Fusarium keratitis reveals that by May 9, 2006 there were 106 confirmed cases, 12 possible cases, and 80 possible cases still under scrutiny by medical professionals. These cases are spread across 32 states and territories, and there are potentially thousands of other cases of serious eye infections that have yet to manifest symptoms.

CDC Recommendations for contact lens users:

In order to prevent more damage to health of the public, the CDC has comprised a number of recommendations for wearers of contact lens users:

  • Stop using Bausch & Lomb with MoistureLoc
  • Talk to your doctor about alternative solutions
  • Be vigilante against symptoms of eye infections such as reddening, discharge, or pain
  • Use the "rub and rinse method& rather than no rub solutions
  • Maintain hygiene when putting in and taking out contacts

When consumer safety is jeopardized without warning, countless victims pay the price. If you or someone you love was injured by the Bausch & Lomb ReNu with MoistureLoc contact lens solution, you need to stand up for your legal rights. You may be able to secure financial compensation for your traumatic experience, but if you hesitate the statute of limitations could end your case before it can begin. Don't wait another day - consult an experienced products liability lawyer today.

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